The Home of Tall Timba Productions. Music + Marketing + Management TALL TIMBA PRODUCTIONS creates, produces, manages & promotes dance music artists & events.

Utilising 3 decades of experience in the dance music industry to confidently unleash cutting edge talent & concepts to eagerly awaiting markets for the techno & progressive genres. Blending innovative promotion, inspiring management, an outstanding understanding of digital marketing, a world-wide network of industry connections with the relentless pursuit for quality and the next big sound!

Home is where the heart is….and this analogy couldn’t be more fitting then when it comes to describing our passion and our feeling for music. It feels natural. It feels right. It just ‘feels like home’ doesn’t it? The constant beat of our heart is our own internal rhythm section. A driving beat that make’s us want to move and keep moving. The pulse of life!

Well let’s get to what brought you here to the Tall Timba Productions website…what has brought you this far?
Whether you were searching for all things “Tall Timba” or whether someone or ‘something’ led you here… or even if you believe you landed here by ‘accident'(?)…, well you’re here now …and from here, you can only move forward! So let’s get everybody moving!
Let’s create, contribute, produce, play, party…. make a difference! Let’s be the change we want to see in this world! And if at times it all seems a little daunting, then consider this: “Everything in this world; all that we can see, hear, sense, feel, experience & enjoy; once began as just a thought in someone’s imagination.”…………..What’s in yours?

Are you afraid of Techno?
Face your fears & lend your ears to this mix packed with Tribal-Techno Drum Monsters.
These are big thumping Tribal grooves that demand either you get up & dance….or get out of the way!
Play it Loud & Enjoy The Ride.